New Product: Nerf Elite Crossbolt

Elite Crossbolt

Hello Nerfers!

That’s right, we’ve got a bunch of new products coming down the line and I’d like to kick off the list with the Nerf Elite Crossbolt!

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To start things off, let’s have the official description from Hasbro:

“Experience the excitement, energy, and attitude of the Nerf brand, and find out why It’s Nerf or Nothin’. Nerf N-Strike Elite blasters from Hasbro deliver the ultimate in blaster performance for your Nerf battles. Take aim with the Nerf N-Strike CrossBolt blaster to experience real crossbow action as you unleash Nerf Elite darts!

Make your mission count with the first-ever high-capacity Nerf crossbow that features 12-dart clip-fed blasting! The Nerf N-Strike Elite CrossBolt blaster comes with a 12-dart orange clip that you load with the 12 Nerf Elite foam darts included with the blaster. Insert the loaded clip into the CrossBolt blaster and you’re ready for exciting clip-fed crossbow action. Unleash a barrage of darts then reload the clip and let the darts fly again! Give the competition a dozen reasons to run and hide when you go into battle with the Nerf N-Strike Elite CrossBolt blaster!
Nerf and all related properties are trademarks of Hasbro.

Experience real crossbow action as you battle with the Nerf N-Strike Elite CrossBolt blaster! The CrossBolt captures the design of a crossbow with its bow arms and a cord that you pull back with a slide. Get ready to feel the thrill of firing Nerf Elite darts as you load the blaster, pull the slide back, and pull the trigger. Show the competition that you play to win when you bring the Nerf N-Strike Elite CrossBolt onto the battlefield.

You’ll make your mark on the battlefield with the Nerf N-Strike Elite CrossBolt blaster. Get ready to take on targets that are up to 90 feet (27 meters) away with this blaster. With its crossbow styling and battle-bright colors, the CrossBolt is a great blaster for outdoor activities when you want to experience the thrill of real crossbow action and the awesomeness of the Nerf brand!

It’s the first-ever high-capacity Nerf crossbow
The blaster comes with a 12-dart clip for clip-fed blasting
Experience real crossbow action
Insert the clip, pull the slide back, and fire
The blaster fires darts up to 90 feet / 27 meters.”

Man that’s a lengthy one! So, basically a quick breakdown:

We’ve got a bullpup design, meaning that the clip is inserted behind the trigger area. A design I personally like, and one we haven’t seen from Nerf since the Elite Rayven:

Elite Rayven

I also like bullpup because it’s a sturdy and compact design. Plus it just looks darn cool.

We’ve also got a clip-fed, bow-powered blaster. Something that I’ve never seen before. I have no idea how the darts are chambered, considering the clip is pretty much at the very back part of the blaster. But I suspect that there’s some sort of compact pusher system that is activated when you prime the blaster.

It comes with a 12 dart clip, which I like because it’s still high enough capacity but still small enough to stash in your back pocket. It’s safe to assume that it can use any CS-System clips. So all you lovers of 35 drums can plug those right in and fire away.

It also “boasts” up to 90 foot ranges. I put “boasts” in quotations because I’ve seen multiple people debunk the whole “90 foot range” claim. The only time you’ll get those ranges out of a stock blaster is with a 45 degree angle. So my recommendation would be to take all range claims with a giant bolder of salt.

The Crossbolt is listed on the Nerf website for 24.99 USD. Not too bad, but the real question is: is it worth it? I’m torn on this one. On the one hand it looks very cool, and it’s a neat gimmicky blaster. On the other hand, I doubt it’s going to be very effective on the Nerf battlefield. I’ve been wrong before though, so we’ll see if this blaster performs better than I expect.

What do you think? Will you purchase this?



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4 Responses to New Product: Nerf Elite Crossbolt

  1. Southern Brisbane Nerf Club says:

    As long as this can keep up with springers and flywheels for range, I’ll pick one up.


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