Featured Mod Friday: Rob’s Extended Cycloneshock

Hey Nerfers!

Every Friday, my blog post is going to be about a modification job within the NIC (Nerf Internet Community) that stands out to me. For the first installment of this segment, I’ve selected Rob’s Extended Cycloneshock.
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Image courtesy of Rob

Image courtesy of Rob

A quick blurb about Rob:
Rob is from Southern Brisbane, Australia. He’s also the host of the popular Youtube channel Southern Brisbane Nerf Club, and the writer for the blog of the same name.

Now, let’s see what this mod is all about!

Rob said that this was a mod just for the heck of it, but personally I think it’s super cool! He beefed up the power with a 6kg upgraded Nite Finder spring and a firestrike spring. bringing the total firing power to around 8.5 Kg. He removed the Air restrictor, and obviously extended the barrel. He used 6 inches of 20 mm PVC and nested 17/32 brass inside of it.

Courtesy of Rob

Courtesy of Rob

Rob was kind enough to give me some firing data. These are ranges in feet of twelve shots fired parallel to ground:
Average: 84.5 ft

That’s some impressive range!
Just for giggles, he also loaded two darts into one barrel and still got around

Rob told me that he plans on giving this beast a black and orange paint job. He went ahead and painted the barrel already, but I’ll be sure to get some pictures of the finished paint job once he does it.

Here’s some picspam for all you who can’t get enough of this thing:

Courtesy of Rob

Courtesy of Rob

Courtesy of Rob

Courtesy of Rob

Courtesy of Rob

Courtesy of Rob

Originally, Rob kept the barrel covers intact, but due to the massive amount of weight, the barrels were unable to rotate, so he had to cut them down. Personally I think it looks better with the barrels exposed like that. It’s like a Gatling handgun.

Be sure to check out Rob’s channel and let me know what you think of this awesome mod.
Have a good weekend!


EDIT: Rob has updated me with Chronograph data. This thing shoots 150 FPS with Elite darts. -insert jaw drop here-


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