Featured Mod Friday: Gavinfuzzy’s Quad-Barrel Firestrike

Hello Nerfers and happy Friday!

For this weeks installment of Featured Mod Friday I decided on Gavin Fuzzy’s quad-barrel Elite Firestrike.

Courtesy of Gavin

Courtesy of Gavin

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Wow, so I have to say right off the bat that this mod immediately caught my attention. Gavin posted this on Nerf Modders Welcome, a rather large Facebook Group. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to feature it on here.

Basically Gavin took a Firestrike and made it actually viable on the Nerf battlefield. Giving it four shots instead of one by integrating the barrels from a Crossfire.

Nerf Crossfire

I have to say, any mod that quadruples the immediate firing capacity of a blaster is a fantastic mod in my book, but I’m also super impressed with how clean the cuts in the shell are.

Courtesy of Gavin

Courtesy of Gavin

Those certainly require a steady hand!

Really though, this mod is so appealing to me, both in aesthetics and practicality. Not only did he modify the blaster itself, but he took the holster from a Sidestrike (which also fits the stock Firestrike) and opened up the bottom to accommodate the large barrels.

Courtesy of Gavin

Courtesy of Gavin

He intends to use this for HvZ (Humans Vs Zombies) so having a secondary that has more than one shot is an absolute necessity. Because he’s using it for HvZ, he has kept the spring power to stock levels, using the stock Crossfire spring. But it’s not just out of regulations, it’s due to the fact that the Crossfire barrels don’t seem able to handle more powerful springs. The increased air pressure causes the selective air restrictor system to malfunction, causing misfires.

Here’s one more picture for good measure:


Courtesy of Gavin

Seriously though, props to Gavin. This is some seriously good work. Be sure to check out Gavin’s Facebook page: Gavinfuzzy Customs and let me know what you think about this mod.

Have a good weekend!



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