A New Line From Nerf?

Hey Nerfers!

Bloomberg dropped a bomb on us a few days ago with the unveiling of a brand new line from Nerf, targeting older demographics. The new Rival line will shoot a new type of projectile, and apparently the power of these blasters is a step up from previous stuff from Nerf.

Rival Promo Image

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To start off, here’s the link to the Bloomberg article.

And now, for my thoughts!

So, this seems like a two-pronged attack on the part of Nerf. They’ve decided to revitalize an ailing line in the form of Dart Tag and revamp in with a Hunger Games-esque feel. At the same time, they’ve decided to start targeting the older generations of kids, the teens.

These are supposedly ramped up blasters, boasting firing speeds of up to 70 mph. Now I for one am skeptical of any stats that have the words “up to” in front of them, so I’m not sure how believable those figures are. If they are true, that’s over 100 fps. A pretty impressive stock speed.

Let’s take a closer look at the blasters themselves.

They both appear to be similar, and sport a pretty sweet looking bullpup design. They appear to be flywheel powered, judging by the secondary trigger in the grip. The biggest question for me is how the heck do you reload these things? Part of me wants to say they’re front-loading, but that would be obnoxious with the flywheels running. No other option seems logical to me. The clear cylinders that the ammo is contained in seem too bulky to be swapped out easily.

Either way, hopefully we’ll soon find out!

Let me know what you guys think!



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