Boom Co. Goes HALO

Hello Nerfers!
This one’s for all you people out there who are fans of the HALO franchise. We’re seeing new stuff from Boom Co. at the New York Toy Fair and boy, these things look sweet!

The Needler

The Needler

More after the jump!

So the New York Toy Fair is putting out tons of goodies for us in the Nerf world, and Boom Co. is no exception. Mattel’s answer to Hasbro’s Nerf, Boom Co. came onto the dart blasting scene last year and didn’t really impress me too much. The quality of the blasters rivals that of Nerf, but the style of darts that are used are flimsy and small. So I’ve mostly stayed away from Boom Co. products. But now, I might have to pick them up. The Needler was always my favorite gun in HALO, especially to dual-wield. So I’d love to get my hands on two of those.

But wait! There’s more!


We’ve got an entire line of new HALO themed blasters!


And I’m sure we’ll be seeing more in the coming weeks!
Shout out to Will A. on Nerf Modders Welcome for the awesome pictures!
Let me know what you guys think!



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3 Responses to Boom Co. Goes HALO

  1. Dom says:

    When does it come out?


    • Jaynerf says:

      I’m actually not sure, they were on display at the New York Toy Fair in January so I’d expect them to hit shelves probably sometime around christmas.


  2. Dom says:

    Ok thanks


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