New Product: Zombiestrike Doominator

Hello Nerfers!
It’s a new week and that means it’s time to talk about some new blasters! This week we’ve got the Doominator from Nerf’s Zombie Strike line.

The Doominator

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So first off, I want to say that this hasn’t hit the market, so there’s no way to get your hands on one yet. However, this is definitely a real thing and it will be available starting in fall of this year.

First impressions are that it’s overkill yet probably still not that effective. It’s basically four Strongarm turrets on a Slingfire. I’m not expecting anything mind-blowing. Does it look badass? Yes, absolutely. It looks like a grenade launcher. But I don’t expect any extreme performance from this thing.

Is it going to be worth it? That’s the real question, and I’m not quite certain of the answer yet. Mostly because I have no clue what kind of modding potential this thing has. I know it’s a spring-powered blaster, but I don’t expect a large plunger tube or any ridiculously good internals.

Let me know what you guys think!



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