Featured Mod Friday: Florian’s Stryfly Integration

Hey Nerfers and happy Friday!
Today for FMF I’ve got Florian M.’s Stryfly integration with a gorgeous paint job!

Florian's Stryfly with detachable Roughcut masterkey

Florian’s Stryfly with detachable Roughcut masterkey

More after the jump!

Alright, so to start things off, I just wanted to talk about how clean this whole thing looks. Some of the best epoxying I’ve seen in a blaster-stock integration. The lines are seamless and the paint job give everything a nice finished look.

Florian used a Stryfe and a Firefly for the main body, and a Roughcut with parts from a Longshot, Barricade, Recon, and Vulcan for the barrel portion.

I bet you’re all wondering how he got that awesome pattern.


Well, hold on to your stockings, because the answer is literally stockings. He stuck the various parts of the blaster in stockings and spray painted over them. I guess I have to go out and buy some fishnets now!


For the most part, Florian kept the internal mods simple, removing some of the locks and over-volting the motors to 12 volts. Still, simplicity is sometimes the best way to go, and 12 volts is actually quite a bit of power to be pumping through those motors. So I expect this thing performs like a beast.

Here’s a bunch of WIP pictures in no particular order!

Shoutout to Florian, excellent work on this blaster!

Have a great weekend!



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1 Response to Featured Mod Friday: Florian’s Stryfly Integration

  1. Thanks for the nice words ^^

    If everybody got Questions, feel free to ask ^^

    Florian / SirScorp

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