Update: What’s Up With Jay?

Hey Nerfers!

This is going to just be a quick update post for this Monday.

More after the jump!

Alright, so I just wanted to do this to let everyone know how I’m doing.

I’ve been noticing that my Youtube channel has been in the decline, as far as viewership goes. That’s no one’s fault but my own, with some of the variables being out of my control and some not. The main variable is time, and that I usually don’t have nearly enough of it, so producing videos has taken a back seat to other things. The other thing is money, I don’t have a lot of it, therefore I can’t frequently purchase new blasters to review. Hopefully that will change soon as I am working a job now.

The third variable is my health, at the moment I’ve got a pretty nasty cold that’s affected my upper respiratory system, and my voice sounds awful at the moment. So I’ve had to  delay the production of new videos until I get better.

But there is good news, and it’s that once I come back, I’m going to come back swinging. I’ve got plans for a Cycloneshock mod guide, as well as some reviews of some of the newer blasters.

I’m also really excited because this blog (which has only been up for a month) already has almost 1000 views! So thank you for your viewership, and for taking the time to read my posts!

Stay tuned, good stuff is coming along soon!



About Jaynerf

A Nerf enthusiast. Lover of all things that fling foam.
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