New Product: Nerf Double Down

Hey Nerfers and happy Wednesday!
Today I’ve got a review of a new product, the Nerf Double Down.

Nerf Double Down

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Alright, so this blaster isn’t up on the official Nerf website yet but it is on amazon, so here’s the much shorter description from Amazon:

Put a double tap on the competition with the Double Down blaster! The compact, one-handed design of this blaster lets you load fast with one hand and fire with the other. And when you cock your blaster and pull the trigger, the double tap is automatic because the blaster fires 2 darts in a row! Your foes won’t stand a chance when you hit the battlefield with your Double Down blaster! Nerf and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.

So basically what I’m getting from this description is that this is basically a combination of a Nitefinder and a Barrel Break, minus the 2-stage trigger. Meaning that when the trigger is pulled, it just fires both darts at the same time.

How useful is this blaster going to be? As far as secondaries go, this one doesn’t rank too high for me, this would be a last-ditch blaster, something you would use only when you have absolutely nothing left, So it would have some use. There’s also some modding potential as it seems pretty simple to get to the plunger system and add a stronger spring.

I’m actually thinking about ordering this and doing a proper review of it, it clocks in at only $11.99 on Amazon, so once I get some money, I think this’ll definitely be one of the blasters I purchase to review. Expect to see a video as soon as my voice stops being atrocious.

Have a good rest of your week!
See you all on Friday!



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