Featured Mod Friday: Dwayne’s Longshot-Magstrike Integration

Hello Nerfers, it’s that time of the week.
Time for another Featured Mod Friday!

This week I’ve got Dwayne’s Longshot-Magstrike integration and it looks absolutely menacing!


More after the jump!

So let’s get started right away with some specs for this beast. It’s a combination of a Longshot, a Magstrike, and the back end of a Centurion for the stock. The Longshot is rocking a padded plunger, a brass breech, a +25 kg spring (reminder, the stock spring in a LS is 2.5 Kg), dead space removal, and an alloy reinforced bolt sled. The Longshot alone is a monster, but Dwayne had to go the extra mile and attach a Magstrike which he has kept stock. Ranges haven’t been tested yet but I’m sure this thing shoots absolute lasers.

As far as paint goes, he started with a Tamiya semi-gloss base coat and then sponge-brushed a Humbol top coat to get the flame-like patterns.


As far as production goes, Dwayne said he used 500 grams of epoxy putty just in the skull alone, that’s over a pound of putty! I’m certain he used even more to attach the pieces of shell together. He also told me that the entire project took 3 1/2 weeks to complete and cost about $400. All in all this is an incredible modding project and it looks seriously intimidating. Not only does it look like it could eat you alive, it has the power to prove it. This is one blaster I would not want to mess with!

Here are some more pictures for your viewing pleasure!



Serious props to Dwayne for a job extremely well done. Just looking at this blaster, you can tell he’s a modder who puts a metric crap ton of work into his projects and it pays off beautifully. Well done!

That’s all for this week, hope you all have a great weekend!



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