Featured Mod Friday: Hoellenhamster’s Hammershot

Hello Nerfers and happy Friday!

Today I’ve got another fantastic mod from across the pond, Hoellenhamster’s epic looking Hammershot.


More after the jump!

So this blaster is seriously clean, the integration of the Maverick parts make it look completely badass and I’m a huge fan of how he smoothed out the handle. He also gave me a metric shit ton of pictures, so expect massive picspam.

So of course I asked him a bunch of questions about the process, and he was more than accommodating with his answers.

Hoellenhamster first got the idea through a LARPing community he’s involved in. saying “when a new blaster hits the shelves most of us usually wonder whether or not you can make it fit a specific genre (mostly zombie survival or post-apocalyptic).” So it’s safe to say that he’s really into the aesthetic aspect of modding. The idea was to try and make the Hammershot look more like the Maverick, and to try and get rid of the “pepperbox” look that the stock Hammershot had.

As far as cost and production time go, they’re both fairly low, but it depends a lot on how much work is being put into the blaster. A lot of the time is spend filling in gaps and sanding with whatever epoxy is being used.

I was really curious how he got made the handle like so smooth, turns out he filled the insides with epoxy and then sanded away the “wrapping” on the outside until the epoxy was flush with the rest of the handle. A neat technique that appears to have worked very well.

I was also curious as to how he loads the blaster, and as I figured he just loads through the Maverick barrel. He’s also kept the blaster stock, so it’s more for LARPing and cosplay than actual Nerf wars. But the great thing about the Hammershot is that it’s still quite good when left stock.

All in all, excellent work from Hoellenhamster, kudos to you, good sir!

Have some picspam!

Have a good weekend!



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1 Response to Featured Mod Friday: Hoellenhamster’s Hammershot

  1. Hi Jay,
    thank you so much for this! The community I am involved in (blasted.de) is indeed a nerf modding community – there is just a big overlap with the larping community so aesthetics matter more on blasted.de than on nerfhaven, for example.

    Thanks for posting this, hope to hear from you in the future!

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