Featured Mod Friday: Liam’s Hypershadow Mk II

Hello Nerfers and happy Friday! Today we’re taking a look at Liam’s Hypershadow Mk II.


Liam’s an Australian Nerfer who pulls no punches with his mods. Find out what makes this bad boy tick after the jump!

Liam spared no expense in the creation of this blaster, from extensive internal modifications to a badass paint job, the Hypershadow Mk II combines the best in form and function.

Let’s start with the internal modifications. Liam told me that he’s using a “sleeper breech” style sealed breech. Which basically means that he nested 9/16 brass inside the original plastic breech and a 22 inch 17/32nd receiving barrel. With that kind of barrel length, you need some serious spring power, in this case its a 25 Kg mainspring. To withstand the force that it generates, Liam installed a Roboman boltsled and Xplorer internals, including a metal plunger, metal spring plate, delrin trigger catch, and an Orange Mod Works metal trigger. Liam didn’t stop there with internal mods, he even added red LEDs that are activated with the trigger pull.


Moving on to external mods and paint job. Liam installed Xplorer Fast Rails in place of the original Tac-rail which gives the Longshot a really streamlined look. He also has two 3D-printed nameplates made by Jodocast, and an aluminum reinforced Xplorer pump-grip. He also took the attachment ring from the Longshot Front Gun and integrated it into a Centurion barrel.



You might be wondering how he got the textured look for all the gold parts, turns out it’s all gold leaf, and it all had to be applied by hand. It takes an enormous amount of time and effort, a whole day’s worth of work to be exact. And that’s just the leafing process. Everything combined equates to over 3 weeks of continuous work. But the results are absolutely spectacular. At a cost of $600 in parts and paint, this thing performs and looks out of this world. With flat ranges of 100 feet, the Hypershadow Mk II packs a punch and looks killer while doing so.

Huge props to Liam for this incredible mod!

As always, have a good weekend Nerfers!



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A Nerf enthusiast. Lover of all things that fling foam.
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3 Responses to Featured Mod Friday: Liam’s Hypershadow Mk II

  1. I’m a sucker for a good Longshot mod! And this one looks great. The red and gold goes together really well. And so does the Centurion barrel. Awesome job.

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  2. m0o0oeh says:

    So love this – saw it on the loadout video and wondered if Liam had done a write-up for the sleeper breech system, as I’m looking to modify my Longshot in a few days time.


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