Featured Mod Friday: Andu’s TriadS, trike

Hello Nerfers and happy Friday!

I’ve got a super impressive mod for you all today, coming from Andu, it’s the TriadStrike!


Tons more after the jump!

So the above picture are actually two commissioned MK III versions of the TriadStrike. But Andu was nice enough to give me information and pictures of the all three iterations of this mod. So this is going to be both a text and picture heavy post.

First, some background on the modder. Andu has been modding since his sophomore year in college, and it’s been about 2.5 years since then and the stuff he’s produced has been absolutely top notch. “I refuse to compromise on form or function. The blaster must perform well, do exactly what it’s designed to do, and look good doing it.” Andu told me. And if you ask me, he absolutely meets that criteria with the TriadStrike.

According to Andu, a few others such as Trent Augunas and Kenji had created similar TriadStrike blasters, but none that lined up the plunger tube with the triad. Thus, the TriadStrike MK I was born.


The MK I

Andu on the MK I: “The MK I had a tiny vinyl tube coming out of the plunger and feeding into three braided PVC pipes sealed with electrical tape. It had no light. Its performance was on part with N-Strike, maybe a little more.”

The prototype was impressive, but Andu wanted to see better results. So he tweaked his design to produce the MK II. “Several people suggested that I leave the Triad’s black rubber seal in place. I modified the air pipe on the MK II so that it included only two pieces of the larger braided PVC pipe and the black seal. With a stock Firestrike spring the blaster gets ranges equal to or better than a stock Firestrike or Triad. I also added a custom high-powered LED light.”



The MK II Received a pretty banger paint job, and with the permission of Lord Draconical, Andu added his signature fangs to the front end, to pay homage to the Nerf vampire.

According to Andu, the MK III were pretty much the same as the MK II with the addition of 17/32 brass barrels and an Orange Mod Works 8 Kg Swarmfire spring.

Dual MK III's

Dual MK III’s

I have to say that Andu’s build consistency is at legendary status for me, from clean cuts to alignment, he almost perfectly reproduces this mod over and over again. That takes a huge amount of skill, and I applaud him for it.

Interesting to note, Andu produced his first TriadStrike a few months before the first pictures for the Rebelle Messenger were surfacing,

But Andu insists that this isn’t a case a plagiarism on Hasbro’s part, but a case of “parallel development.” And while he considers the Messenger more Economical, he prefers his TriadStrikes for many reasons, including their aesthetics and the ability to dual-wield them. I have to agree with him there, the Messenger just looks weird in comparison.

Besides modding, Andu is involved in quite a few other hobbies including Minecraft, Kerbal Space Program, Legos, and on top of all that, he’s working on getting his pilot’s license. All these things make for a pretty spaced out mod schedule but he’s told me that he’s got some really cool stuff in the works for the next couple of years. So if you want to check him out, you can find his Facebook page here, and his Youtube channel here.

And now, Picspam of the MK III for your viewing pleasure:

Have a good weekend!



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2 Responses to Featured Mod Friday: Andu’s TriadS, trike

  1. Wow. That is amazing. And an inspiration to upcoming modders with unusual or off the wall ideas. I love it. All of these modders should sell their work. I know for certain this one would sell.


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