Elite Alpha Trooper Back On Target Shelves

Hey Nerfers!

So I have some exciting news about the Elite Alpha Trooper!


More after the jump!

So I was home last weekend and just for laughs I decided to check out my local Targets, just in case there was possibly any EATs left in stock. Turns out there’s still some around!


My actual reaction:

Turns out they had some EATs and original ATs in the bowels of the store and I managed to snag a few.

For those of you who don’t understand my reaction, it’s because the EAT has been AWOL for a while now, and I thought it was gone forever. I don’t know whether there are any left in other stores but it’s always worth a look.


It’s also always good to read to the bottom of my posts because April Fools.

I’m sorry.



About Jaynerf

A Nerf enthusiast. Lover of all things that fling foam.
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3 Responses to Elite Alpha Trooper Back On Target Shelves

  1. Very cruel. Haha. That’s the thing about April Fools Day; when it’s something you really want, you tend to start to believe it even if you know what day it is. I literally went to check Amazon for the EAT midway through reading this post. Very mean.


    • Jaynerf says:

      I couldn’t think of anything at first and then I was like “what do nerfers want most that’s not around anymore?” I was going to go with the 1994 crossbow at first but there’s no way anyone would buy that, so I settled on the EAT.


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