New Product: Nerf Mega Rotofury

Hey Nerfers!
Sorry for the lack of a Monday post, things were pretty hectic this past weekend, but I’m coming back at you with some old news, but good news.


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Alright, so the Rotofury popped up a few months back but I thought it was about time I put in my two cents about it.

So what we know so far basically boils down to:
– It is a Mega blaster
– It holds ten shots
– It has slam-fire
– It claims “up to 90 ft ranges”
– It’s slated for a Fall 2015 release
– It’s big

So, my thoughts?

I think with Mega, bigger is better. This thing is going to be seriously intimidating, even without modifications.  I sincerely hope that they’ve made this direct plunger, because if it’s got anything like what’s in the Centurion, I’m going to be seriously disappointed. Either way, I’m definitely going to get my hands on one, I want to run around with one of these and intimidate the crap out of everyone. It just looks like way too much fun to use. Also, the possibility of slam-fire with Mega darts is very appealing to me.

I only wish there was some sort of stock attachment on the back, especially for when you need to slam-fire. That’s the only real downside I can see to that, I’m sure reload time is going to be an issue as well, but I feel like sheer intimidation might outweigh that.

No matter what, I’m definitely getting my hands on one.

Enjoy your Wednesday!



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4 Responses to New Product: Nerf Mega Rotofury

  1. I agree about the shoulder stock! And what makes it worse is when those pictures first leaked showing the RotoFury, or “Berzerker” as it was called then, the blaster definitely had a stock attachment point on its rear end. C’mon Nerf, let’s put a stock on that blaster butt!


  2. plexer says:

    The biggest issue is reloading as 2 of the dart positions are blocked and there is no way to freely rotate the drum unless I’m missing something?


  3. Elliott W says:

    Just got one of these. It’s extremely solid, smooth action, and very good looking. Effective range is 50-60 feet, but Megas are notoriously inaccurate, so don’t expect sniper-like performance. To load all 10 darts you rotate the drum manually. At first I thought I was going to break the thing, but the drum does turn albeit not easily, and not quietly. A couple of kids on the interwebs have sawed off the brace that connects the lower part of the barrel to the bottom of the drum, making it easier to reload and more comfortable to slam-fire. I plan to do that to mine tomorrow. IMHO it doesn’t need a stock, because it’s not that kind of blaster. Hold it out in front of you, or just shoot from the hip. Extensive mods only increase range by 8% or 9%, so it’s not worth screwing around with it too much. Frankly a good blast of WD-40 in the plunger tube is all it really needs. Note: The most effective mod I’ve made to Mega blasters is to cut the tips off the mega darts. Just make ’em blunt nosed, and they’ll fire farther and more accurately. Try one yourself, and be your own judge.


  4. Elliott W says:

    Oh, one exception is the Centurion. If you cut the tips off the Mega darts, they work LESS effectively in the Centurion. I think it has to do with the way the breach interfaces with the plunger. But every 4th or 5th modified dart comes out of the Centurion barrel and just dribbles on the floor. “Impotent” is the word I’m looking for. “Unable to achieve” if you need politically correctness. Then again, based on the reviews from the internets, maybe it has nothing to do with the modified darts. Yes it sucks, but I love my Centurion. It’s like having the biggest c0¢k in the office. Bigger is better, as the ladies will attest ; )


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