Featured Mod Friday: LordDraconical’s Hydro-Dipped Hammershot And Stryfe

It’s Friday!

I’m super stoked to bring you guys a very special Featured Mod Friday,
LordDraconical’s Hydro-Dipped Hammershot and Stryfe!



More eye candy after the jump!

So I had the privilege of talking to Drac for a pretty long time about the whole hydro-dipping process and how he went about it.

“But wait a moment Jay, what is hydro-dipping?” I’m glad you asked!
Hydro-dipping is a process by which complex patterns are applied to various surfaces. Anything from rifles to helmets to car parts can be hydro-dipped.

It works by placing a thin plastic sheet that contains an ink pattern on the surface of warm water. An activating agent is then sprayed on the plastic, causing it to dissolve leaving just the ink pattern floating in the water. The object (in this case, Nerf blaster) is “dipped” into the pattern, and after removal, the pattern is adhered to the blaster.

Drac stressed that a clear coat is absolutely necessary in order to protect the pattern.


Drac said that he started out with “Honda Civic Red” as the base coat for the Hammershot and “Humvee Green” for the Stryfe. Although, he said it didn’t really matter what base coat he started with for the Stryfe, just because the camo pattern covered everything so well.


I’m just sitting here drooling over just how cool these blasters look!

While it’s possible to have them done in a professional facility, it’s very expensive. Drac told me it was around $220 for the Hammershot, which is quite a bit, but fear not people on a budget, there are DIY kits available. So expect to see some hydro-dipped stuff from me over the summer!

If you, for some ungodly reason either haven’t heard of LordDraconical or haven’t seen his video on the hydro-dipped Hammershot, you can check him/it out HERE.

Some more blaster porn for you:



He’s also going to have a video on the hydro-dipping process up soon, so I’ll add a link to this post once it’s up.

Seriously, these are some beautiful blasters, major props to Drac.

Have a good weekend Nerfers!


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4 Responses to Featured Mod Friday: LordDraconical’s Hydro-Dipped Hammershot And Stryfe

  1. I love Drac! But I don’t really like the Hammershot design that much. I respect the process, but it just doesn’t look that good to me. The Stryfe on the other hand, oh my goodness. I love it! Looks like something straight out of a Cabela magazine. Really, really nice. I’ll definitely have to look into this Hydro Dipping process some more.


  2. You can do much more with dipping than just this, here’s a few examples.

    Been dipping Nerf for nearly 2 years now. Pro dippers charge that much because their finish is much more durable and higher quality than anything out of a can. Plus they want some money for the time it takes to do.


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