Violence Without Harm: A Look At The Nerf Community

Hey Nerfers! Long time no blog, I know, I’ve done a pretty bad job of keeping the blog running but that will hopefully change after this semester ends. Violence Without Harm has been my final project for my journalism degree, check out the write up on it as well as the video after the jump! 

So this project takes a look at the idea of violence without harm, how activities such as Nerf which simulate acts of violence (shooting each other with imitation weapons) build communities. It’s been an entire semester in the making and I really want to thank Bobololo, Rob from SBNC and Coop772 for taking the time to answer my questions on camera and just for being overall cool dudes.

I started off knowing I wanted to do something about Nerf but it took a while to really focus in on the specific viewpoint. After experiencing the Rochester Foam Dart League and seeing so many younger children participating in this activity I decided to make a video about how Nerf creates communities.

The basic gist of the video is that even though there’s all these people participating in simulated violence, it’s actually building really strong and tight-knit communities. The youtubers I talked to voiced this opinion and the psychology professor I interviewed backed that opinion up with fact.

What we do as nerfers brings us closer together.

I hope you all enjoy this video, I put a lot of work into it and I hope it properly conveys how important this hobby is as both an avenue for catharsis and as a community builder.

Keep Nerfing,



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