Review: Dart Zone Ballistix Ops PowerBall

apollo killer

Could this be the Apollo we all wanted? Review video and details after the jump!

Hey Nerfers!

So I recently received a package courtesy of Prime Time Toys and I am beyond excited to review them all. If you saw my live-stream of FoamCon, you’ll see that I was immediately impressed with the PowerBall. After reviewing it, I am honestly blown away by it.

There are a few cons I did forget to mention in the video, the first is that there are no sling attachment points which isn’t too bad but I like to be able to let go of my primary when reaching for a secondary without it dropping on the ground. The second is that I’ve been noticing a double feeding issue when using the Rival mags, oddly enough it still manages to fire both rounds out of the barrel but priming it forward when it double feeds can be difficult.

Anyway, here’s the video!

Hope you all enjoy!



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