Featured Mod Friday: Jay Blasko’s “Phoenix” Rayven-Longshot Integration

What’s up Nerfers, FMF is back with a super clean integration from Jay Blasko which a lot of you have probably seen already, but I wanted to take the time and acknowledge just how cool this blaster is.


Full specs and more pretty pictures after the jump!

Anyone who knows me knows I love Rayvens, as far as flywheel blasters go, they’re probably my favorite. But far too often I’ve seen the typical Strayven build which, while aesthetically pleasing, is way overdone in my opinion.

Enter the Phoenix, a turbo killer in a tiny package. Jay seamlessly integrated the front end of a Longshot into the powerhouse of a full-auto afterburner Rayven and I am more than impressed with the results.

Full specs:

  • Longshot and Rayven integrated with Devcon Plastic Welder
  • Black Vinyl dye base, Montana Gold Shock White, red yellow and orange hydrodip
  • 6 high-power red LEDs in front barrel
  • 4 Meishel 2.0 flywheel motors +1 pusher motor
  • Auto Rayven pusher from Hooligan Blaster Co
  • 16 Gauge wire
  • High amp Cherry Switches
  • 2s Lipo
  • Doubledealer Foregrip

There’s definitely not a lot of free space in that shell for a lipo but you could possibly fit a longer one in that foregrip with some work. Either way, a job very well done to you Jay, you have an excellent name and an excellent taste in blasters.

Thanks for reading!



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